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Welcome to Mushies, an online shop that provides transformative mushroom supplements and health-focused content that empowers.

Our purpose

To provide you with tools to enhance your health, happiness, focus, energy and creativity (so you can save the world). 

About us

We sell high quality mushroom supplements including mushroom coffee, mushroom powders and mushroom tinctures.

We also produce health and wellness content with a focus on fungi and plant medicine.

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Why mushrooms?

I started Mushies because I believe fungi (which includes mushrooms) have the potential to help people think better, feel better and, as a result, help create a better world. 

There are so many beneficial compounds in certain edible mushrooms and there is no doubt they are a a great source of nutrition.

Therapeutically, there is also not much debate that fungi can provide unique solutions to a number of human health issues. Famously, for example, the antibiotic penicillin is derived from the Penicillium fungi.As you probably know, I'm a big fan of psilocybin - the main psychedelic compound in magic mushrooms. It has been shown to have remarkable power to shift perception and improve mental health. Part of the way it does this is by promoting the creation of new brain cells and new neural pathways in the brain.Lion's mane mushroom has also been shown to increase the growth of brain cells, yet without psychedelic effects.  

Fungal networks 

But mushrooms are just the tip pf the iceberg when it comes to fungi, because under the ground lies a global network of fungi. "So what?", you may be thinking. Well, this network is doing very surprising things.

To put it in brief terms, this network is acting like an economy of exchange - much like our own, except fungal networks have no centralised control.

Some say that Bitcoin is like a fungal network, which is why I encourage people to tap into it by offering a 21% discount on all payments made in Bitcoin.  Fungi in the ground decompose organic matter like dead animals into basic compounds. The fungi then transfer these compounds though their network to a plant that requires that particular nutrient. In exchange, the plant gives the fungi carbon in the form of sugars. Fungi cooperate with almost all plant life on earth, laying the foundation for all life. They do this by forming a decentralised, highly intelligent and highly adaptable network of cooperation.

I think there's a lot of lessons we can all learn from studying these networks, and maybe eating mushrooms (psychedelic and not) could help us to receive these lessons easier.