Best Magic Mushroom Spore Shops In The UK?

Best Magic Mushroom Spore Shops In The UK?

Did you know that magic mushroom spores are legal in the UK? 

That’s because spores (a spore is a fungi seed) do not contain any psilocybin, which is a controlled substance in the UK. 

This means you can buy magic mushroom spores for “research purposes” legally, but if those spores were to germinate, you would then be breaking the law. 

Weird, huh? But I guess that’s what happens when you outlaw a natural organism that grows wild all over the UK

So if your inner mycologist is looking for some special spores to, erm, study, this article is for you…

What are magic mushroom spores?

Spores are tiny, microscopic structures that contain the genetic material necessary for the reproduction of mushrooms - like plant seeds but produced by fungi instead. 

The spores of magic mushrooms are typically produced in the gills or pores on the underside of the mushroom's cap.

Magic mushroom spores are highly resilient and can survive in various conditions (even space!), making them relatively easy to transport and cultivate. 

Are magic mushroom spores legal?

Psilocybin-containing “magic” mushrooms may be illegal in the UK, but did you know that magic mushroom spores and mushroom grow kits are completely legal?

That’s right, microscopic magic mushroom spores contain no psilocybin, so they are not outlawed under the Drugs Act 2005 which made “fungi containing psilocybin” a Class A drug.

Therefore, magic mushroom spores can be easily bought online for “research purposes”, but you’ll be breaking the law if those spores germinate and begin to grow, as then they will contain psilocybin. 

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Where can you buy magic mushroom spores in the UK

If you're looking for the best online shops for magic mushroom spores in the UK, we've got you covered. Here are five top-notch stores that offer a wide range of quality products to meet your microscopy needs. 

1. MycoTown

One of the leading companies in this industry is MycoTown. They specialise in providing a very wide range of high-quality magic mushroom spores sourced from reputable suppliers. 

The variety of strains available includes well-known classics such as Golden Teacher and B+ Cubensis, as well as more scarce varieties like Burma and Fiji spores. 

MycoTown spores are extremely reliable as each syringe is prepared under strict laboratory conditions in a country where magic mushrooms are legal to grow - Jamaica.

Visit MycoTown here. 

2. SporeBuddies

Another great option on our list is SporeBuddies. They pride themselves on offering premium magic mushroom spores that are guaranteed to be viable and of the highest quality. 

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cultivator, SporeBuddies has a diverse selection of strains, including Ecuadorian and Mazatapec, for good prices.

3. Orangutan Trading Co

Orangutan Trading Co is worth mentioning as they offer a wide range of magic mushroom spores and are known to be reliable and professional. They also have some cool merch.  

4. Shiny Spores

Shiny Spores are a great source for all things mycology, including magic mushroom spores!

They offer spores in swabs, syringe or print form, and have a nice range of strains available, including Creeper and Dancing Tiger spores. 

5. Cylocybe

Lastly, Cylocybe offer a small range of magic mushroom spores, including some from less commonly found Psilocybe and Panaeolus species.


While the cultivation of magic mushrooms is illegal in the UK, the purchase and possession of magic mushroom spores is perfectly legal. 

This unique situation arises because spores themselves do not contain the controlled substance psilocybin. However, it's essential to be aware that germinating these spores would be a violation of the law, as the resulting mushrooms would contain psilocybin.

For those intrigued by the world of mycology and interested in studying magic mushroom spores for research purposes, the above reputable online shops in the UK cater to your needs.

Happy researching!

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