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Brain Boost Bundle - Nootropic Coffee, Lion's Mane Capsules and Lion's Mane Tincture

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Get all three of our brain-boosting shroom products for a reduced price.

Customer Reviews

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Matthew Chaffe
Master Healing

I can personally attest to the plethora results of these products especially with continual daily use. The health of the biological brain also requires exercise as well as nutrition. I would suggest using a combination of both these supplements and brain training exercise for optimum results.


Good stuff.

Good and calmimg

I am on my second lot. I found the effect to be noticeable and calming/chilling I use it to reduce/avoid alcohol consumption.

I am thinking differently!!!

After a full Week of using the bundle - I am barrelling through detailed work! I have had a distinct reduction in brain fog and I am
Not emotionally drained from long periods of work. I have a coffee in the morning with the tablets and the tincture and this is setting me up
Great for the day/. Back to back meetings are not an issue and I feel like I am far more in control and able to focus. I will definitely be continuing using these for 12 weeks to see how I am Functioning then!!

Jolyon Hammick
Quality mushroom products at reasonable price

Having spent too many hours looking for a mushroom product that's simple, honest and more importantly local I found mushies.
Lions mane capsules are dual extraction which is a must. Liquid extract I put into my coffee in the morning for an extra boost.
The mushroom coffee, although I was expecting going to put into cafeteria or mocha pot it is instant coffee. With that being said it is actually a really good instant, robust and great taste.
I hope all this will eventually make me smerter!