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Cordyceps Capsules (High Strength)

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Cordyceps is a type of fungus that's found in various parts of the world, including Asia, North America, and South America.

It is known for its unique life cycle, in which the fungus infects and eventually kills insects and other small animals.

Cordyceps has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, and is often used to improve athletic performance and reduce fatigue.


  • Cordyceps Militaris Fruit Body Extract 

High strength:

- 400mg of extract per capsule

- Contains 50% Polysaccharides / 10% Cordycepic acid / 0.5% Cordycepin

- It has been extracted with both hot water and alcohol to draw out beneficial compounds 

- Capsules are made from Pullulan derived from Tapioca

Key Benefits of Codyceps:

- 🍄 Health and performance boost: Cordyceps Militaris is also commonly referred to as the ‘performance mushroom’ as it has been shown to increase oxygen, which can reduce fatigue and help you get more out of your workouts and games.

- 🌿 100% natural & vegan: We believe in providing you with clean and pure mushroom extracts. Our Cordyceps extract is grown traditionally and organically with zero pesticides used.

- 🌊 Dual extraction: We employ both hot water and alcohol extraction method to draw out the bio-active compounds effectively, ensuring that you receive the full benefits of this incredible mushroom.

- 🇬🇧 Made in the UK: Manufactured in the UK under stringent GMP standards, our Cordyceps Mushroom Extract guarantees the highest quality possible.

- ❌ No fillers, binders, or additives: We are committed to providing you with pure goodness. Our product contains no fillers, binders, or additives - just the natural potency of cordyceps.

Why Choose Mushies?

Our dedication to your well-being is reflected in our products. We source the finest ingredients and adhere to strict quality standards to ensure you receive the best supplements for your health journey.

Size: 120 Capsule Pouch 


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Customer Reviews

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Justine Lake
Cordyceps capsule

This mushroom really helps with your breathing when training and overall wellbeing feeling to. Wouldn’t be without it.

Matthew Chaffe
Magical Properties

I'm personally having miraculous results.
Don't trust any other Mushroom brand.

Definitely doing something

Start the day with a couple of these and feel gently energised. Didn’t take them for about 5 days and felt somehow lacking

James Seager Fleming
great product

Great product - arrived on time - really pleased with results

Tiny wight

Awesome supplement