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Turkey Tail Capsules (High Strength)

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Trametes versicolor, commonly known as Turkey Tail or Coriolus versicolor, is a remarkable polypore mushroom that thrives across the globe. Enriched with a variety of potent antioxidants and compounds, Turkey Tail has earned its reputation as a formidable supporter of the immune system and recovery process.


  • Turkey tail mushroom (Trametes versicolor) extract powder

High strength:

- 540mg of extract per capsule

- Contains 20% Beta Glucan

- It has been extracted with hot water to draw out beneficial compounds 

- C apsules are made from Pullulan derived from Tapioca

Key Benefits of Turkey Tail:

- 🍄 Boost Your Immune System: Our Turkey Tail capsules are specifically formulated to bolster your body's natural defences, helping you stay resilient against environmental challenges.

- 🌿 100% natural & vegan: At Mushies, we believe in providing you with clean and pure mushroom extracts. Our Turkey Tail extract is grown traditionally and organically on hardwood sticks, making it 100% vegan-friendly.

- 🌊 Hot water extraction: We employ a hot water extraction method to draw out the bio-active compounds effectively, ensuring that you receive the full benefits of this incredible mushroom.

- 🇬🇧 Made in the UK - Top-notch Quality: Manufactured in the UK under stringent GMP standards, our Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract guarantees the highest quality possible.

- ❌ No fillers, binders, or additives: We are committed to providing you with pure goodness. Our product contains no fillers, binders, or additives - just the natural potency of Turkey Tail.

Why Choose Mushies?

Our dedication to your well-being is reflected in our products. We source the finest ingredients and adhere to strict quality standards to ensure you receive the best supplements for your health journey.

Size: 120 Capsule Pouch 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Laura Wingfield
Far to early to tell yet

Only been taking them for a week - will review later but great service and lots of interesting information. Expecting great things!

Takes time but amazing how they work.

I've been taking these over the winter months and I found that I didn't get a cold this year, and without fail I normally get numerous winter bugs. Also now with the weather being mild I normally also get hay fever right as the trees start budding, to the point where I am unable to actually think. This year I have had a few sneezes, and then things just seem to clear up and didn't develop into a full blown allergy melt down (for all the sufferers out there, you know what I mean). Whatever it is if this is the overall effect of my taking Turkey Tail capsules, all I can say is I will be ordering for a few months ahead of time. I take Lions Mane also and I wont be without either of these!!

Cancer Wonder Pill

What can I say! These mushrooms have completely changed our lives.
My dad Phil was diagnosed in November with Stage 4 Prostate cancer, with a PSA score of 119 and a Gleason score of 9 meaning he had it bad and this was going to be a tough journey for him.
After being told by a friend about the benefits of Turkey tail and the interesting studies done on cancer patients we thought why not try it? So did our research as found Mushies!
We ordered three bags in total and he has taken three int he morning and three at night everyday since starting hormone treatment and chemotherapy.
After just 4 rounds of chemo and 3 weekly implants of the Zoladex hormone and the continual use of these mushrooms his PSA score has come down to 1.1… and in the space of 9 days it came down by 0.3.
We decided not to tell the doctors about him taking these mushrooms and the look of shock on all there faces as his score continues to decrease each week without fail and the cancer slowly subsiding day by day is a feeling like no other. To think they couldn’t even give him a set amount of time that he might live for and that they didn’t know if he would even respond well to the treatment - and now he will be having radiotherapy and potentially beat cancer and that is a gift I will never rake for granted.
These Mushrooms have LITERALLY been a lifesaver to my dad and our family and we are forever grateful to Jack and whoever else is involved in the making of these amazing pills. We will continue to by these until the end of time as they are amazing!
THANK YOU! A million times thank you, for creating these amazing little lifesavers.

Terry Willimott
Too early to say

Just on round 2 of chemo, but only been taking turkey tail for a week so hard to say reslly

Cuc Marian