Lion's Mane Capsules Vs Tincture: What Is The Best Form Of Lion's Mane For You?

Lion's Mane Capsules Vs Tincture: What Is The Best Form Of Lion's Mane For You?

Here at Mushies we sell both lion’s mane capsules and lion’s mane tincture. 

And we often get people asking us which one is better. 

So, instead of replying to each one, I thought I’d put together this article in order to explain the differences between lion’s mane capsules and lion’s mane tincture and the pros and cons of each form of the mushroom. 

But first, let’s go over the basics…

What is Lion’s Mane?

Lion's Mane, also known as Hericium erinaceus, is a type of mushroom that is highly regarded for its potential health benefits, particularly for the brain.  

Named after its appearance, which resembles the mane of a lion, lion's mane mushrooms have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and are now gaining popularity worldwide for their medicinal properties.

It has gained attention in recent years due to several intriguing studies and media coverage highlighting its potential benefits. 

Scientific research exploring the health effects of lion's lane, particularly its impact on brain health and cognitive function, has attracted interest from both researchers and the general public. 

Why you should take lion’s mane 

Lion’s mane is gaining popularity in the health and wellness world for its neurodegenerative and neuroprotective effects - which may potentially help neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, brain injuries including strokes, and cognitive decline due to aging.

It’s also used to enhance gut health, regulate blood sugar levels, and in treatment for cancer. 

Here is a list of science-backed health benefits of lion’s mane mushroom…

You’d be wise not to expect instant results with lion’s mane supplements. Clinical studies done with lion’s mane are typically done over at least two months of use.

Lion’s mane capsules explained

Lion's Mane capsules are a convenient and popular way to consume the mushroom as a dietary supplement. They contain powdered extract or ground dried lion's mane in a concentrated form, enclosed in capsules made from gelatin (ours are made from pullulan derived from Tapioca). 

The capsules are designed to be swallowed and digested, releasing the active compounds of lion's mane in the body.

The main benefits of capsules are: 

  • Concentrated

Lion's Mane capsules contain a concentrated form of the mushroom extract or powder. This allows for a higher concentration of the beneficial compounds found in Lion's Mane, such as polysaccharides, beta-glucans, hericerins, and erinacines, to be delivered in each capsule.

  • Easy consumption 

Capsules provide a convenient way to consume lion's mane. They can be easily taken with water or a beverage, without the need for measuring powders or dealing with the taste and texture of raw mushrooms. 

  • Standardised dose 

Lion's mane capsules typically come in standardised dosages, meaning each capsule contains a specified amount of the active compounds. This allows for consistent and controlled consumption, ensuring that you are getting a reliable amount of lion's mane with each dose.

Our high-strength lion’s mane capsules are one of the strongest standardised hericenone-rich extracts on the market.

  • Longer life

Capsules offer better shelf stability compared to fresh or dried mushrooms. They are less prone to spoilage or degradation, allowing for a longer shelf life. 

  • Importance of double extraction 

It's important to note that the effectiveness of lion's mane capsules may vary depending on the quality and purity of the product. 

It's best to choose a reputable brand that uses lion’s mane extract rather than simply dried lion’s mane. 

A dual-extraction process that uses both water and alcohol, like we use for our capsules, will extract all beneficial compounds and improve bioavailability. 

Lion’s mane tincture explained

Lion's mane tincture is a liquid extract of lion's mane mushroom. 

It is made by steeping the mushroom in a solvent, usually alcohol and/or hot water, to extract its active compounds. The resulting liquid extract is concentrated and used as a dietary supplement.

Here are some key points to understand about Lion's Mane tincture:

  • Extraction process

The extraction process involves soaking the mushroom in alcohol, such as ethanol or grain alcohol, or hot water for a period of time. The alcohol and water acts as a solvent, extracting the beneficial compounds from the mushroom. The liquid is then strained and filtered to remove any solid particles, resulting in a concentrated liquid extract.

  • Concentration and potency 

Lion's mane tinctures are typically more concentrated than other forms of lion's mane supplements. The extraction process helps to extract a higher concentration of the bioactive compounds found in the mushroom, such as polysaccharides, beta-glucans, hericerins, and erinacines. 

  • Easy administration

Lion's mane tincture is easy to consume. It usually comes with a dropper or a pipette for precise dosing. The liquid extract can be taken directly by placing the desired amount under the tongue (although the taste isn’t great) or mixing it with water, juice, or another beverage of choice. This allows for quick and convenient consumption without the need for swallowing capsules or dealing with the taste and texture of raw mushrooms.

  • Bioavailability

Liquid extracts like tinctures are known for their high bioavailability, meaning the body can absorb the active compounds more readily. 

  • Alcohol content

It's important to note that lion's mane tinctures are typically made with alcohol as a solvent. The alcohol acts as a preservative and helps extract the active compounds. However, some individuals may prefer alcohol-free tinctures, which use alternative solvents such as glycerin or vinegar.

Capsules vs tincture: which is best for you?

Determining which form of lion's mane is better, capsules or tincture, depends on your personal preferences and specific needs. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Convenience

If convenience is your priority, capsules may be the better option. They are pre-measured and easy to take, requiring no additional preparation or mixing. Capsules are also more portable and can be easily carried with you.

  • Absorption speed

Tinctures generally have a faster absorption rate compared to capsules. If you value quick effects, tinctures may be more suitable.

  • Dosage flexibility

Tinctures offer more flexibility in adjusting the dosage. You can easily control the amount consumed by adjusting the number of drops, which may be advantageous if you prefer a personalised or variable dosage.

  • Taste preferences

Some people find the taste of lion's mane tincture to be unpleasant or bitter. If you are sensitive to taste, capsules might be a more palatable option.

  • Digestive sensitivity

If you have digestive issues or difficulty swallowing capsules, tinctures can be a gentler alternative. They don't require digestion and are easier to consume for individuals with sensitive stomachs.

Ultimately, both lion's mane capsules and tinctures can be effective, and the choice depends on your preferences and needs. 


In conclusion, both lion's mane capsules and tinctures offer their own set of advantages and considerations. 

Lion's mane capsules provide convenience, standardised dosage, and longer shelf life. They are a concentrated form of the mushroom and can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. 

On the other hand, lion's mane tinctures offer faster absorption, dosage flexibility, and high bioavailability. They can be consumed sublingually or mixed with beverages for quick and convenient use.

When deciding between capsules and tinctures, it's important to consider factors such as convenience, absorption speed, dosage flexibility, taste preferences, and digestive sensitivity. Personal preference and individual needs play a significant role in determining the better option for you.

At Mushies, we offer both lion's mane capsules and tinctures, ensuring that you have choices to suit your preferences. See our lion’s mane range here

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